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U-RUN Stories

Meet the inspiring people that U-Tech technology is changing the way they train. Whether it's helping them manage injury or propel their training to an elite level.


As the Paris Marathon on April 7th approaches, I find myself during a 12-week training plan, with just 8 weeks left to fine-tune my preparation. The road to this marathon has been filled with both triumphs and challenges, and I've encountered valuable lessons along the way. Join me as I share my experiences, from facing barriers to finding motivation and overcoming training hurdles.


We sat down with Kathy Stringer, a British Duathlete, to delve into her upcoming marathon training, the hurdles she's faced with a persistent knee injury, and the invaluable insights she has to offer on preparing for your next race. As an athlete, I’m always looking for the next challenge or goal..and as a dedicated runner, this typically involves trying to improve either my speed at a specific distance or my ability to cover greater mileage.


For Andreas Nelles, the day begins early in the morning: at 6 am. It’s not until twelve hours later that the door slams shut again. Together with two colleagues, the osteopath and alternative practitioner runs a practice for individual therapy in Jülich, North Rhine-Westphalia. A name that keeps its promise. “Every patient and every medical condition is different, and a wide variety of factors determine the most suitable treatment for each patient individually,” the 41-year-old says.


Sports Physiotherapist and Runner. With so much physical activity during work, having the right shoes plays a crucial role. It's only logical that Paulina has "a particularly critical eye when it comes to shoes" solely based on her profession, she says with a smile. Above all, she pays attention to natural stability and good arch support.


The phone vibrates, work calls – and yet, Christian Burger hasn't even arrived at the Düsseldorf medical practice he runs with his father. He is still sitting at the breakfast table. The most critical lab results of his patients are sent to him via push notifications on his smartphone. "Receiving critical values directly allows me to plan the next steps of treatment faster and more effectively," he explains.


Special Needs Caregiver and Equine Therapist. Nina Schulte has already been on duty for several hours when most of us start our day. During her 24-hour shift, the special needs caregiver from Cologne is responsible for the care of seven children and teenagers with mental or physical disabilities who all live together in a residential group.


Specialist Nurse and Runner. Early in the morning, Oliver Schiffer's workday begins. At 6:00 AM, he starts his early shift at Lukas Hospital in Neuss. For the 31-year-old, this means being there for the patients in the surgical intensive care unit for the next eight hours, not only in terms of medical care but also on an interpersonal level.


Triathlete and Trauma Surgeon. Daniela Wiefhoff runs through the halls and corridors of Johanna-Etienne Hospital in Neuss. The 28-year-old is a resident physician specializing in orthopedics and trauma surgery.