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Centre Your Run.



We are challenging the current running shoe market.Because when runners are no longer the focus of running shoe development, it’s time for a revolution – with you at the center: an unprecedented biomechanical functional principle makes your next run pain-free. We develop revolutionary running shoes. For everyone.



Countless runner types and even more shoe categories, material battles about the fluffiest cushioning, the best energy return, and carbon plates. Neutral, cushioning, guidance, support, motion control – so many “treatment options“ that all miss the actual cause of the problem. In the end every runner wants the same: a perfect running experience – as comfortable, natural, and efficient as possible.

That is exactly what we strive to achieve. Your running experience is our motivation. Which is why we turned our backs on the mainstream industry to found True Motion. We unite comfort and support to create something entirely new. Perfunctory category compromises like neutral or support have become obsolete. Once you get to feel this, you will see running shoes with different eyes.



It is our mission to create the best running shoes in the world. We put you in the center, because we all want the same thing: the best running experience. Which is why we turned our backs on the mainstream industry – to found True Motion. From now on, we’ll go our own way. And do three important things unlike anyone else. Our manifest.

We joined forces to center yours.

At True Motion, we are running shoe enthusiasts. This may sound simple, but it is in fact the substance our brand is built from. Our unequivocal mission: we want to create the best running shoe in the world. Which is why, after more than 25 years of joint development responsibility in the international running shoe industry, we now go our own way. And do three important things unlike anyone else:

The runner and his perfect running experience are the unnegotiable focus of our entire business activity.

We use our scientific expertise and developmental production experience exclusively to achieve real functional benefits and not to reduce costs and optimize margins.

We address the biomechanical system of the human body and declare the symptom-driven categorizing of runner types and shoe formulas obsolete.

Team True Motion: running shoe enthusiasts and men of conviction

Running is our passion; your running experience is our motivation. That’s why we’re on a mission to build the best running shoes on the planet. Since 2018. We are living our dream to revolutionize the running shoe market – with you in the center. We, that is Prof. Dr. Gert-Peter Brüggemann, Andre Kriwet and Christian Arens.

Prof. Dr. Gert-Peter Brüggemann

Peter was head of the Institute for Biomechanics and Orthopedics at the German Sports University in Cologne for many decades. As an internationally recognized specialist in running movement and the development of state-of-the-art running shoes, he now has over 30 years of scientific consulting work for the giants of the industry under his belt. For Peter, it is a matter of the heart and a giant step to consistently and without compromise translate the results of many studies and biomechanical research into the best possible technology for runners.

Christian Arens

Christian complements the know-how in running shoe development with his entrepreneurial and business skills and makes the trio complete. For him, running has been an absolute passion and a balance to everyday life for many years. He has always had the dream of combining his passion for running with his professional activities. The desire to leave the corporate world and do his own thing has always been very strong.

Andre Kriwet

Andre has pursued the dream of building his own running shoes since his youth. After studying sports in Cologne, graduating with a degree in biomechanics, and working for major running companies in various jobs, he came to Beaverton in the U.S. in 2003 and achieved his goal: he had the opportunity to create running shoes that have inspired many millions of runners. For all his gratitude for this career, however, his curiosity has remained – what can the best running shoe in the world look like?