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True Motion

Size Finder

Use our measurement guide to order your new True Motion shoes in the perfect size. You already know the exact length of your feet? In this case, you can use our size chart to find out which running shoe size you need.

Measurement Guide

You stand without shoes (preferably in your running socks) on a white sheet of paper with gentle heel contact against a straight wall.

You mark the longest toe on the paper with a line (be careful: measure both feet, and the big toe is not always the longest!).

Then measure the distance from the edge of the paper to the line. Enter the result in millimeters into our size calculator. This will automatically add 1.5 cm and you will directly receive your suitable running shoe size. Why 1.5 cm more? For the thumb width space (see "Tips & Hints")!

Size Charts



Hints &


Choose your running shoe one to two sizes larger than the shoe size in your everyday shoes. A thumb's width (about 1.5 cm) of space in the front of the running shoe is very important! You may have noticed that our feet change and become thicker during the day. We observe the same phenomenon when we run. This is completely normal! With an extra thumb's width of space, you can avoid blue toes, for example. Therefore, our size calculator automatically adds 1.5 cm to the measured foot length. It's best to measure your feet in the afternoon/evening.

An example of the calculation:

On your left foot, the second toe is the longest at 25 cm. Adding 1.5 cm results in a shoe length of 26.5 cm. This corresponds to a True Motion size of EUR 41 (US 9.5) for the women's model.

Do you prefer a slightly tighter or wider fit in your running shoes?

If in doubt, we recommend the larger shoe size!

You already had well-fitting running shoes?

You can use the sizes of the following brands as a guide when choosing your True Motion running shoes: Brooks, Asics, Saucony, Mizuno, New Balance. Just choose the same US size.

Still unsure about your size choice?

We are happy to help you!

Contact us at: