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doctor and triathlete: the profession of being a doctor has fascinated me since I was young.

On a normal workday, Christian Burger is often on his feet for twelve hours or more, and then he heads to his sports activities. As a specialist in internal medicine, he, together with his father, treats numerous patients daily in their joint medical practice in the northern part of Düsseldorf – some with appointments, but most without. "Those who are sick come by. As general practitioners, we are the first point of contact – so it needs to be as straightforward as possible," says the 36-year-old. This portrait highlights a physician who, in addition to his everyday work as a general practitioner, regularly serves as an emergency doctor – and finds his personal balance through sports.

The phone vibrates, work calls – and yet, Christian Burger hasn't even arrived at the Düsseldorf medical practice he runs with his father. He is still sitting at the breakfast table. The most critical lab results of his patients are sent to him via push notifications on his smartphone. "Receiving critical values directly allows me to plan the next steps of treatment faster and more effectively," he explains.

Upon arriving at the practice, Christian first checks all the other lab results, reviews relevant patient records, and prepares for the day. At 8 a.m., the consultation hours begin. There are already several patients waiting outside the medical practice – all familiar faces. "As a general practitioner, you build a close relationship with your patients and their families," he says. The personal connection is something he particularly enjoys about his work as a general practitioner, emphasizes the physician.

This, however, does not make the workday any less varied. From preventive check-ups to ultrasound examinations and stress ECGs, "every day is different," he says, especially because alongside scheduled appointments, there are also open consultation hours. "You can't plan illnesses – we have to be there when our patients need medical care," says the general practitioner.

This is one of the reasons why Christian Burger decided to study medicine after school. "With my knowledge of the human body, I can help those in need," he says. His interest in the medical profession was significant from an early age. It's no wonder, as Christian grew up with a father who was a general practitioner and a mother who worked as an operating room nurse. As a result, he gained early insights into his current profession.

As a doctor, he is often visited when health problems have already occurred, says the Düsseldorf-based physician. Each patient presents him with a new challenge. As the first point of contact, Christian must continuously figure out why the patients have come to him: What has caused their health complaints? And how can they be addressed and resolved? "Ideally, however, health problems should not even arise in the first place," emphasizes the general practitioner. This is where preventive treatments, such as regular check-ups and nutritional advice, play a crucial role.

The field of sports medicine has fascinated me for a long time.

About a year ago, the specialist in internal medicine traded the hospital corridors for work in a general practitioner's office. Currently, the 36-year-old is also undergoing training to become a sports medicine specialist. "Sports medicine is a field that has fascinated me for a long time," he says. "Here, I have the opportunity to professionally pursue my passion for sports." As a dedicated triathlete, he already provides advice and support to his hometown club – the Triathlon Team Düsseldorf.

For Christian, what matters most is that the people around him recover quickly. That's why he is not just a general practitioner but also regularly serves as an emergency doctor. He tries to take on at least two 24-hour shifts in the Düsseldorf area. "As an emergency doctor, different skills come into focus compared to working in a practice – this variety helps me stay up-to-date with my medical knowledge," he explains.

The work as an emergency doctor is unpredictable. In one moment, he may be providing care for the injured in a car accident, and in the next, he could be assisting with a home birth, says the medical professional. "Such a birth – that was definitely one of the most beautiful experiences I had professionally last year."

During a 24-hour shift, Christian is stationed at one of the nine fire stations in Düsseldorf. It is not uncommon for him to spend most of the time on active duty – a demanding challenge for both mind and body. Even during his work in the practice, he is on his feet a lot. "Comfortable shoes are indispensable for me at work," he says.


"When I wear comfortable shoes throughout the workday, I simply get more out of the day in the evenings," says Christian Burger, doctor, and triathlete. Thanks to the patented U-TECH™ technology, the U-TECH White Nevos reduces the strain on the knees and Achilles tendon by up to 10% and minimizes muscle fatigue. In all situations where you spend a lot of time on your feet. Experience the U-TECH White Nevos.

Christian has experienced the impact of uncomfortable work shoes on his body multiple times. After work, his feet would ache, his back would hurt, and his body would be so tired that he couldn't even get off the couch. For the enthusiastic triathlete, this was a nightmare: "After work, I want to do something, stay active – but with pain, that's not possible." That's why he now pays particular attention to comfort when choosing his work shoes. "It makes me feel much more energetic in the evenings," he says.

The significance of this comfort is evident in his extensive training schedule: on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays, he swims lap after lap in the pool. On Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays, he laces up his running shoes. As for discipline number three, he currently has no fixed schedule. "I ride my bike at various times, depending on the weather, either outdoors or on the stationary trainer at home."

Christian has been passionate about sports for a long time. One thing has always been at the forefront for him: the joy of sports, training, and movement. While he does want to improve and become faster, competing with others is not crucial for him, as Christian explains: "I engage in sports primarily for one reason – because I enjoy it."

Moreover, Christian didn't need to learn about the importance of physical activity for his own physical and mental health just through his medical studies. "I have always found it easiest to unwind and clear my mind while doing sports," says the 36-year-old. Besides his love for endurance sports, Christian also finds relaxation and balance in cooking and sharing meals with friends. This serves as a vital outlet for the general practitioner, ensuring he can be fully energized and there for his patients the next morning.